G-CARES is our version of UCLA’s CICARE, an evidence-based acronym that creates a standard process for interactions with patients, families, and colleagues. Gardner Health Services employees promise to care for you and your needs by practicing each step of G-CARES.

G – Greet with Compassion. We promise to keep the Gardner mission at the forefront of all patient, client, and participant interactions. We promise to greet everyone by saying their preferred name and by introducing ourselves and our roles. 

C – Communicate with Teamwork. We promise, within every interaction, to understand, clarify, and better inform ourselves and our patients, clients, participants.

A – Ask with Discovery. We promise to anticipate your needs, questions, or concerns and to ask for permission before entering a room, examining or counseling a patient, or undertaking an activity.

R – Respond with Dignity and Respect. We promise to reply to your questions, concerns, and requests in a timely manner.

E – Exit with Excellence. We promise to ensure all your needs are met at the end of every interaction, give you an explanation of what is to come next, and send you off with a warm “Thank you.”

S – Support with Integrity and Hope. We promise to support and help each other provide exceptional customer service to everyone.