Born of the Civil Rights Era, Gardner Health Services serves almost 46,000 Santa Clara and San Mateo county residents.

In 1967, the Alviso community, aided by Stanford Medical School, medical students and the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, built the Alviso Family Health Center, a community clinic to fill the gap of non-existent medical care for Mexican farm workers. 

When services were expanded into the City of San José, the name was changed to Family Health Foundation of Alviso, Inc. Around the same time, in a separate community, a group in the Gardner neighborhood, aided by Stanford Medical School, medical students, and Sacred Heart Church organized Gardner Health Center, a community clinic helping cannery workers.

In the 70’s, mental health became a core service offered to youth. Gardner also provided Santa Clara County its first mental health program.

In July 2019 Gardner Family Health Network, Inc and Gardner Family Care Corporation came together and merged as one under Gardner Family Health Network, Inc. d.b.a. Gardner Health Services.